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Lofica provides service, as maintenance and

troubleshooting at competetive prices


Spare parts





Lofica is the leading supplier of alternative spare parts to the ice cream industry Worldwide.

Our production range is wide and covers parts for freezers, extrusion lines, mould lines, wrappers etc.

We supply both standard electrical, pneumatic and mechanical parts, as well as unique machine parts.

Lofica can offer upgrades of your old equipment e.g. with new control system.

Further, we can supply equipment or changes to your machines that will make your daily work easier.

Lofica can also provide equipment for new products on your lines.

Lofica offers service for maintenance and troubleshooting at competitive prices, performed by experienced engineers.

If you are in need of assistance, please feel free to call Lofica's hotline - 24 Hours Hotline, we are here to support you. Phone: +45 2041 5517

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